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More than 75 years' precision craftsmanship.

Since our foundation in 1935 we have steadily developed from a regional carpenters cooperative to a manufacturer of quality funiture with international reach.

1935 Foundation of the 'Stolarz' carpenters cooperative

1940 "Stolarz“ under German administration during the Second World War

1947 First post-war trade show in Kalwaria

1950 Union of two carpenters cooperatives 'Praca' and 'Stolarz', Zjedonoczona Spoldzielnia Pracy Meblowo-Budowlana im. Ludwika Warynskiego is founded

1958 Name change to 'Stolarska Spoldzielnia Pracy im. Ludwika Warynskiego w Kalwarii Zebrzydowskiej'

1960 First blueprint for the erection of a factory on a new property

1968 Relocation to the new factory

1975 Name change to 'Kalwaryjskie Zaklady Meblarskie Spoldzielnia Pracy im. Ludwika Warynskiego'

1984 Erection of a new warehouse for finished goods

1989 Investment in new machinery, plant and buildings

1994 Name change to 'Kalwaryjskie Zaklady Meblarskie Spoldzielnia Pracy Mebloforn'

2000 Quality certification to DIN ISO 9001

2005 Acquisition of 'Kalwaryjskie Zaklady Meblarskie Spoldzielnia Pracy Mebloforn' carpenters cooperative by a private company and name change to 'Kalwaryjskie Zaklady Meblarskie Mebloform Sp. z o. o.'; investment in modern processing and cutting systems and other machinery 

2010 Takeover and management by hagenauer GmbH, Germany; since then ongoing extensive modernisation of all production facilities and investment in new machinery

2013 Name change to 'mebloform Sp. z o. o.'; registration with the Chamber of Commerce IGHP (Izba Gospodarcza Hotelarstwa Polskiego) and membership in the German Sustainable Building Council (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen)

2014 Certification to FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)