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Furnishing customised solutions: more than 80 years' precision craftsmanship.


Sited in Kalwaria, the traditional centre of Polish furniture making, mebloform draws on more than 80 years' experience in the handcrafting of bespoke high quality furniture. Read on and find out more about our company's other outstanding qualities.
Founded in 1935 mebloform has been a member of hagenauer group since 2010. mebloform produces furniture for exclusive international hotels, and also low budget hotels, healthcare facilities, residences and other institutions throughout Europe. We produce furniture precision-crafted to our customers' wishes with a high degree of artisanal expertise and technical know-how, supported by advanced technology and machinery. We only use exclusive materials that comply with the highest quality standards in our production.  Continuous monitoring throughout the production process guarantees excellent workmanship. Reliability and punctual delivery go without saying, just as they do for all  hagenauer group companies.